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Desktop SignsSignsystems Artemis Desktop SignsSignsystems Arcline Desktop SignsDT1 £7.46150 x 50 (face size)DT2 £7.46150 x 50 (face size)DT3 £7.46150 x 50 (face size)DT5 £7.46150 x 50 (face size)DT11 £7.46150 x 50 (face size)These free standing Artemis signs are manufactured from satin anodised aluminium.Available in both portrait and landscape complete with plastic end-caps.Easily interchangeable inserts can be factory manufactured or printed via your desktop computer.All prices include a printed insert.ATA4DL 297 x 210mm £45.45 ATA4DP 210 x 297mm £60.08DT17 £7.46150 x 50 (face size)DT19 £7.46150 x 50 (face size)DTB23 £12.84150 x 50 (face size)100DSSA6P DSSA5P DSSA4L148 x 105mm 210 x 148mm 297 x 210mm£27.75 £34.10 £41.35This stylish desktop sign can be used for both single and double sided display.Paper inserts are placed between two silicone acrylic panels that sit atop a contemporary satin anodised aluminium extrusion.All prices include two printed inserts.

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