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artemisArtemis is the most  exible and adaptable sign system on the market and one of the best designed. Available in a wide range of sizes from A6 to A1, the  at face accepts most type of panel whilst the comprensive range of  xing options includes door, wall, suspended, projecting and free-standing  t- tings.Please state the orientation (portrait or landscape) when orderingATA6 singleATA5 singleATA4 singleATA3 singleATA2 singleASSA4 doublecodesize(mm)103 x 148148 x 210210 x 297297 x 420420 x 594210 x 297600 x 148600 x 148750 x 210750 x 2101000 x 2971000 x 297plastic end caps£23.40£28.94£42.97£69.21£269.07£322.30------aluminium end caps£27.76£52.34£65.75£121.00£322.30-£91.24£149.43£113.24£201.35£168.30£314.60double or single sidedASSA1460singleADS1460 doubleASS2175 singleADS2175 doubleASS29100 singleADS2900 double102

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