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Locking Case & Pavement SignsW Pure WhiteS Silver AnodisedB Black R Red G GreenLB Light BlueUB Ultramarine BlueWML14 500 x 760mm £170.10 Snap frame ‘A’ board32mm extruded aluminium frame Steel back panelAnti-reflective front face Locking legsSilver anodisedWML15 841 x 1189mm £315.24 WML15A 594 x 841mm £219.17 WindmasterDouble-sided extruded aluminium frame Capable of withstanding high windsEasy open / close poster change system Water fill base with a capacity of 40 litres Wheels on base for easy transportation• • ••• ••Extruded frameLockable hinged door Suitable for use indoors or outside2mm thick clear face to prevent damageCorrex back plateAlso available with steel back plate for post mounting Ask our sales team for prices£92.14 £119.15 £143.08 £198.58These quality manufactured A-boards and swing signs are ready for specially applying your graphics, displaying your poster or messages. All products shown are double sided.codeWML9 WML10 WML11 WML12size(mm)210 x 297 -A4297 x 420 -A3420 x 594 -A2594 x 841 -A1poster frame without locking nutsA BoardsAS1 blank swing sign 520 x 825mm £151.98AS2 with graphics £183.92AS3 blank white A-board 900 x 520 £151.98AS4 with graphics £183.92AS5 Chalkboard £209.84 Chalk area - 500 x 750 Graphic area - 520 x 150AS6 includes your own logo on header £243.22AS9 Poster board 500 x 760 £218.28AS10 includes poster graphics of your design £250.22109

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