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116Safety Poster CampaignMany organisations will have regular health, safety and environmental programmes scheduled throughout the year. Our range of posters can perform a vital role in these schemes as a visual reminder of where your primary focus needs to be on a month by month basis. From within our entire range of posters* from page 116 to page 129 you can choose eleven posters that most closely represent the areas you want to focus on and then choose a twelfth poster from our SimpsonsTM range, absolutely free of charge. Our studio can also design posters to your exact speci cation. Contact our sales of ce for more information.* Offer excludes HSL PosterPOS59Choose 11 posters and get a Simpson Poster FREES1109Exposure to the acid tanks left Gareth feeling a bit sore.make sure you use it!POS6POS25POS4POS67MSS4POS13SIMPSON POSTERS ON PAGE 118Despite being told it didn’t count, Karen refused to remove her ‘respirator’.POS75make sure you use it!POS8POS7POSTER FRAMES ON PAGE 108

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