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Personal Protective Equipment PostersThis vibrant range of posters offer an effective way of reinforcing your safety and environmental messages. Visible to both your work force and to visitors to your site these posters help to inform of the risks associated with workplace safety. Our studio can create bespoke posters tailored to suit your speci c site requirements. Contact our sales of ce for details.Exposure to the acid tanks left Gareth feeling a bit sore.make sure you use it!POS67525 x 775POS68525 x 775POS69525 x 775Richard and Stuart always demonstratedan over confident approach to their own safety.The new safety goggles Marie had ordered were having a strange effect on the men in the factory.make sure you use it!make sure you use it!Since forgetting his hearing protection, David had been less “hands on”.POS70525 x 775POS72525 x 775POS73525 x 775make sure you use it!James always regretted the occasions he didn’t wear his hard hat.Raymond considered his safety glasses added to his reputation as a “ladies man”.make sure you use it!make sure you use it!Watching yet another lab assistant melt reminded the Professor of the need for protective equipment.Despite being told it didn’t count, Karen refused to remove her ‘respirator’.make sure you use it!make sure you use it!codeencapsulated postersPOS74525 x 775POS75525 x 775POS67 - POS75£22.69117MORE SAFETY POSTERS ON PAGE 122

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