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The Simpson’sTM Safety PosterS1101 430 x 560S1102 430 x 560These unique safety posters allow you to raise the awareness of key safety issues by tapping into the global phenomenon that is The SimpsonsTMThe SimpsonsTM is the number 1 television show in the world, with over 13 billion episodes watched each year across 150 countries.Display these eye catching posters in areas where they will grab attention; employeeentrances, near time clocks, corridors or anywhere employees congregate.Designed to create maximum interest, these direct and dynamic posters are sure to draw attention to your key safety messages.All posters are encapsulated in wipe-clean clear laminate for durability.S1103 430 x 560 S1104 430 x 560S1108 430 x 560 S1109 430 x 560S1105 430 x 560S1107 430 x 560codeencapsulated posters118S1101 - S1109£33.66

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