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120What You Should Know PostersWSK1 400 x 600mm Personal Protective EquipmentWSK2 400 x 600mm Noise at Work RegulationsWSK7 400 x 600mm Complying with COSHHWSK3 400 x 600mmSafety Signs & Their MeaningsTO ALL PERSONNEL TO COMPLY WITH COSHH REGs OF 2002 PLEASE PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO ANY CONTAINER OR PRODUCT BEARING ANY OF THE SYMBOLS ILLUSTRATEDALWAYSFOLLOW DEPARTMENTAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PROTECTION OF YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETYHazard symbols most commonly encounteredWSK4 400 x 600mm Manual Handling RegulationsThe Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification and labeling of chemicals was introduced in 2009 and sees the gradual phasing out of the orange and black CHIP labels. This poster has been designed to help employees identify the hazardous nature of chemicals through recognition of the symbols shown below.WSK5 400 x 600mm The Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health400 x 600mm Complying with COSHH400 x 600mmcode1mm rigid plastic postersWSK 6 - WSK20£20.13WSK7aThese hard hitting safety posters are designed to curb indifference towards safety procedures.Don’t let indifference affect your company’s safety records. Printed on 1mm rigid plastic for durability.All What You Should Know posters on this page are 400 x 600mm.FIRST AID POSTERS ON PAGE 128WSK6 400 x 600mm Dangerous Substances Packing & LabellingHazard: Explosive GHS Symbol CHIP SymbolHazard Class and Category Unstable explosivesExplosives of Divisions: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 Self reactive substances and mixtures, Types A, BOrganic peroxides, Types A, BHazard: Compressed GasHazard: Flammable GHS Symbol CHIP SymbolFLAHMIGMHALBYLEFELXATMRMEMAEBLYE Hazard Class and CategoryFlammable gases, category 1Flammable alieqruoidsso,lsc,acteagteogroiersie1s,12,,23Flammable solids, categories 1, 2Self-reactive substances and mixtures, Types B, C, D, E, F Pyrophoriclsiqoulididss,,ccaatteeggoorryy11Self-heating substances and mixtures, categories 1, 2 Emit flammable gases, categories 1, 2, 3Organic peroxides, Types B, C, D, E, FHazard: CorrosivesHazard: OxidisingGHS Symbol CHIP SymbolOXIDISINGHazard Class and Category Oxidising gases, category 1 Oxidising liquids, categories 1, 2, 3Hazard: ToxicGHS SymbolCHIP SymbolNo CHIP version availableGHS SymbolCHIP Symbol HARMFUL CORROSIVEGHS SymbolCHIP Symbol TOXICHARMFULHazard Class and Category Gases under pressure:- Compressed gases- Liquefied gases- Refrigerated Liquefied gases - Dissolved gasesHazard: IrritantGHS Symbol CHIP SymbolHARMFULIRRITANT Hazard Class and CategoryAcute toxicity (oral, dermal, inhalation), category 4Skin irritation, category 2Eye irritation, category 2Skin sensitisation, category 1 Specific Target Organ Toxicity - Single exposure, category 3WSK20Hazard Class and Category Corrosive to metals, category 1 S1Aki,n1Bco, r1rCosion, categories Serious eye damage, category 1Hazard: IrritantHazard Class and Category Acute toxicity (oral, dermal, inhalation), categories 1, 2, 3Hazard: IrritantGHS Symbol CHIP SymbolthHeaeznavrdirounsmteontHazard Class and Category Hazardous to the aquatic environment - Acute hazard, category 1- Chronic hazard, categories 1, 2GHS SymbolCHIP Symbol TOXICIRRITANTHazard Class and Category Respiratory sensitisation, category 1Germ cell mutagenicity, categories 1A, 1B, 2 Carcinogenicity, categories 1A, 1B, 2 Reproductive toxicity, categories 1A, 1B, 2 Specific Target Organ Toxicity - Single exposure, categories 1, 2 SexppeocsifuicreT,acragtetgOorgieasn1T,o2xicity - Repeated Aspiration Hazard, category 1

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