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124Safety Postersobserve all health & safety instructionsSITESDANGEROUSARECONSTRUCTIONPOS50525 x 775POS51525 x 775POS52 525 x 775Stop!Have You Washed Your Hands?Hand Washing Technique:POS53525 x 775POS54525 x 775POS59525 x 775codePOS60525 x 775POS66525 x 775POS50 - POS66£22.69encapsulated postersAlways wear eye protection!1. Scrub palm to palm.3. Scrub in between and around your fingers.5. Scrub each thumb clasped in your opposite hand.POS55 525 x 7752. Scrub the back of your hand with the palm of your other hand.4. Scrub your fingertips with the palm of your opposite hand.6. Scrub your clasped fingertips in the palm of your hand and vice versa.Reduce repetitive strain injury. Take regular breaks.

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