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Making Sense of SafetyThis range of posters apply the safety message in a unique and innovative way.We believe this range is the most complete, informative and eye catching available, easily understood but most importantly acted on.These posters are encapsulated in tough wipe clean plastic for a longer life. All Making Sense of Safety posters are 600 x 800mm.These posters are divided into four sections.• The  rst section discusses how amazing and irreplaceableeach of our senses are.• The second looks at the various workplace risks associatedwith that sense.• The third looks at how best to protect yourself from risk ofaccidents.• The fourth covers the  rst aid procedures should the worsthappen.MSS1 600 x 800 Ear ProtectionMSS2 600 x 800 Eye ProtectionMSS3 600 x 800Nose & Throat ProtectionMSS4 600 x 800 Hand ProtectionMSS5 600 x 800 Back ProtectionMSS6 600 x 800 Foot ProtectionMSS1 - MMS6 £23.06codeencapsulated posters125

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