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This new range of anti crime signs have been proven to reduce theft. Used at Newcastle University the signs helped reduce bicycle theft by 62% without the signs an increase of 63% was recorded.Contact our sales of ce for your specialist requirements.CYCLE THIEVESCYCLE THIEVESWE ARE WATCHING YOUWE ARE WATCHING YOUCT30 600 x 450CAR THIEVES600 x 450CAR THIEVESWE ARE WATCHING YOUCT32YOUR BRANDING HERECT35 600 x 450 3mm foam board£32.97WA100C300 x 4003mm foamex£22.94SEC10 400 x 300YOUR BRANDING HERECrime PreventionMORE CCTV SIGNS ON PAGE 43SEC2 400 x 300CT34600 x 450WA100A300 x 400size(mm) self adhesive vinyl3mm aluminium without channel300 x 400SEC3 400 x 300£8.29£58.42codeCT30 - CT351mm rigid plastic£26.76WA100B300 x 4001mm rigid plastic£13.96SEC8 400 x 3003mm aluminium£44.133mm duralite£63.05WA100D300 x 4003mm aluminium with channel£61.48SEC13 400 x 300 1mm rigidplasticWE ARE WATCHING YOUcodeself adhesive vinylSEC2 - SEC13 £8.29£13.96127

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