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Barrier TapesSecurity TapesUnderground TapesIdeal for prohibiting access, highlighting hazards, marking off dangers etc. Quick and inexpensive to use.PBT4 £10.2120mm x 25mPBT5 £27.9975mm x 250mPBT1 £33.2375mm x 250mWBT1 £33.2375mm x 250mPBT2 £33.2375mm x 250mWBT2 £33.2375mm x 250mPBT3 £28.1075mm x 250mWBT3 £28.1075mm x 250mSBT1 £37.5775mm x 250mSBT2 £37.5775mm x 250mSBT3 £37.5775mm x 250mSBT4 £37.5775mm x 250mSBT5 £37.5775mm x 250mSBT6 £37.5775mm x 250mSBT7 £37.5775mm x 250mSBT8 £37.5775mm x 250mSBT9 £37.5775mm x 250mManufactured from tough polythene, these brightly coloured tapes are clearly visible when excavated and helps to protect the utility line below.130UNDER1 £32.38150mm x 365mUNDER4 £32.38150mm x 365mUNDER2 £32.38150mm x 365mUNDER5 £32.38150mm x 365mUNDER3 £32.38150mm x 365mUNDER6 £32.38150mm x 365m

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