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Tough, durable internal P.V.C. tape with strong adhesive qualities. Ideal for highlighting hazards/ restricting areas, marking  oors and creating demarcation lines etc, use with primer (PRIM1 page 90)FMT0 £13.9450mm x 33mFMT3 £13.9450mm x 33mFMT1 £13.94 50mm x 33m FMT1B £20.88 100mm x 33mFMT2 £13.9450mm x 33mFMT5 £13.9450mm x 33mFMT4 £13.9450mm x 33mFMT6 £13.9450mm x 33mFMT7 £13.9450mm x 33mIn the event of a blackout situation these way finding solutions are often the only guidance available. Available in high intensity photoluminescent as an effective alternative to electrical systems.PHT1 £91.40 40mm x 10m PHT2 £179.50 80mm x 10mPHT12 £91.40 40mm x 10m PHT13 £179.50 80mm x 10mPHT3 91.40 40mm x 10m PHT4 £179.50 80mm x 10mPHT17 £91.40 40mm x 10m PHT18 £179.50 80mm x 10mPHT5 £53.61 20mm x 10m PHT8 £91.40 40mm x 10m PHT10 £91.40 40mm x 10m PHT6 £91.40 40mm x 10m PHT9 £179.50 80mm x 10m PHT11 £179.50 80mm x 10m PHT7 £179.50 80mm x 10mAdhesive Floor TapesPhotoluminescent Floor TapesFLO11F £31.94120 x 300 photoluminescentFLO12F £31.94120 x 300 yellow self adhesivePH60 £38.32 60mm Photoluminescent floor marker dots8 to a sheet.PH61 £38.32 75mm Photoluminescent floor arrows12 to a sheet.REF1 £145.7750mm x 25m reflective tapeREF2 £145.7750mm x 25m reflective tapeRe ective TapesAnti-Slip TapesThese anti-slip floor tapes provide additional safety in the workplace helping to prevent the risk of slips, trips and falls. Ideal for step and tread edges.PHT14 £118.22 50mm x 18m PHT15 £92.86 50mm x 18m PHT16 £78.25 50mm x 18m photoluminescent anti-slip yellow anti-slip black anti-slip131

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