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ID18ID100ID105ID1 Water Green (12D45)ID19ID110min.order 4 packs(ADD YOUR TEXT) (ADD YOUR TEXT)ID103ID108ID3 Mineral oils Brown (06C39)ID7 Electrical services and vent ducts Orange (06E51)ID60 Warning Yellow (08E51)ID64Blue (18E51)ID11Primrose (10E53)Printed in black on clear for use in conjunction with coloured pipe ID tape. Supplied in packs of 25size 105mm x 55mmWATER WATERHOT WATER HOT WATERBristish Standard Pipe Identi cationsize(mm)pipe ID tapeDRINKING WATERDRINKING WATERID101ID106ID15C Clear £12.91 ID15W White £12.91 50mm x 33mID104ID109ID4 Gases (except air) Yellow Ochre (08C35)ID8 Other fluids Black (00E53)ID61Warning/Danger Yellow/Black (ID10)ID65Golden Brown (06D45)ID68Emerald (14E53)ID18 & ID19 ID110£16.73 £43.93TOWNS WATERTOWNS WATERID102ID107ID2 SteamSilver Grey (10A03)ID6 AirLight Blue (20E51)ID13 Fresh water Aux. Blue (18E53)ID63 CrimsonID67Sea Green (16C37)The tapes shown here are available in 100mm wide rolls. The text is repeated throughout the roll and aids identi cation of pipe contents.ID100 - ID109 £25.46Shown here are the basic identi cation colours these should be placed either side of the centre band and are available in 50mm, 100mm & 150mm wide by 33m long.STEAM STEAMFIRE MAIN FIRE MAINCOMPRESSED AIRCOMPRESSED AIRsize(mm)pipe ID tapeINSTRUMENT AIR INSTRUMENT AIRFUEL OILS FUEL OILSOXYGEN OXYGENELECTRICITY ELECTRICITYACID ACIDBasic Identi cation Colourssize(mm)pipe ID tapeID5 Acids & Alkalies Violet (22C37)ID9 Fire fighting Red (04E53)ID62 WhiteID66Salmon Pink (04C33)50mm x 33m 100mm x 33m 150mm x 33m£12.91 £21.78 £30.96Safety Reference ColoursShown here are the centre band colours all available in 50mm, 100mm & 150mm wide by 33m long.Pipes should be marked with two bands of basic i.d. colour 150mm and a centre band of 100mm where the exact nature of the content needs to be recognised. To further enhance your scheme the content can be stated with a black on clear name label and the direction of  ow indicated with  ow arrows, while symbols should be added for easy hazard identi cation.size(mm)pipe ID tape50mm x 33m 100mm x 33m 150mm x 33m£12.91 £21.78 £30.96137

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