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CH1 £4.41per metre Brass link chainSKY 3A £27.96(packs of 10)Adhesive backed ceiling hooks for bonding to clean, grease and dust free ceiling areas.SKY1 (4" in pairs) £1.08 SKY2 (8" in pairs) £1.57 Use to hang the suspended frames shown above.SLIDE1 £8.02(packs of 10)Plastic slides clip onto false ceiling support frames.PROJ3 £40.59For projecting our suspension frames. Stiff spring action allows for unwanted interference (Suppliedin pairs).CH2 £8.53packs of 10 Brass link hookCH5 £8.53packs of 10 zinc plated link hookCH6 £4.41per metre zinc plated ball chainCH7 £8.53(brass) Ball chain connectorpack of 10CH8 £8.53(zinc coated)Ball chain connector pack of 10CH4 £4.41per metre zinc plated link chainCH3 £4.41per metre Brass ball chainCeiling, Window and Wall FixingsSPRING1 £1.74(in pairs)Versatile spring clips which accommodate drops from 300mm to 1m.CEI 1A £9.66(in pairs)Strong field ceiling magnets will attach to false ceiling support frames.WS1 £6.90(packs of 10)Clear suckers for fixing posters to any smooth surface such as tiles or glass.SEC22 (Pack of 4) £3.52 SEC23 (Pack of 100) £64.31 Anti tamper screws.LOC10 £26.38(Pack of 4)25mm Chrome locators.SEC26 £14.00Security screw drill bit.LOC12 £18.09(pack of 4) Budget locators.SEC30 (Pack of 4) £3.75 SEC100 (Pack of 100) £71.72 White poly top screws.SUS10 £16.96Suspension Kit complete with 2m cable. Accepts up to 7mm material thickness.FixingsPROJ22 £25.18(Singles)Side projecting clamps.139

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