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Posts and FixingsChoosing the right  xing method is all importantwhen choosing your signage requirements. From post mounted, to projecting signs or surface  xed to frame surround each option adds a different dimension to the  nished scheme. Using the latest fabrication technology all types of  xing solutions can be under- taken to meet your exact requirements.CAP1Endcaps add a finishing touch to posts supplied separately.£1.50POST176mm Traffic Post x 1.5 metre Grey, plastic coated steel for ultimate durability and good looks£61.68POST276mm Traffic Post x 3 metre£105.36POST 376mm Traffic Post x 3.6 metre£131.73POST2.576mm Traffic Post x 2.5 metre£87.80POST576mm Stainless Effect Post x 1.5 metre Adds a premier look to your external posts £68.02POST676mm Stainless Effect Post x 3.0 metre£113.36POST776mm Stainless Effect Post x 3.5 metre£139.70Recommended depth of 400mm to be sunk into ground for POST1 or 600mm for POST 2 + 3.BASE P1Base plates for use in conjunction with traffic posts supplied separately.£7.78CA1 £9.21Channel Adaptors supplied in pairs Allow sign to be fixed to any post / railing regardless of diameter, used in conjunction with steel banding.STRAP4 (600mm) £20.05 per pairScrew banding will strap to oversized posts and tightens using a screw driver. Sold in pairsStandard Post Clips 50mmCLIPS1 £11.142" clips supplied in pairs. Suitable for scaffold poles or existing railings and barriers.BB1 Banding buckles per 100. £65.28 BB2 Banding tool. £175.31Ensures a permanent fix for steel band- ing. Buckles are supplied in boxes of 100. The banding tool is used for fixing signs in conjunction with channel adaptors and banding.Back to back clipsCLIPS2 £15.62Used in conjunction with 76mm posts when connecting two signs back to back.BB3 £69.06100’ x 13mm roll steel banding for use in conjunction with channel adaptor will accommodate any non standard support.Standard Post Clips 76mmCLIPS3 £15.733" clips supplied in pairs. Suitable for scaffold poles or existing railings and barriers.STRAP1 (pair) £11.72STRAP2 (pack of 10) £30.64Steel buckle straps will strap onto posts up to 150mm diameter. Easy tighten operation ideal when a full roll of banding is not required.146

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