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Cable ProtectorsCable ProtectorsThis instant cable protection is ideal for construction sites and outdoor events. The hinged lid allows for cables to be inserted once the ramp is in positition. The robust design withstands HGV traffic.Can be laid as a permanent or temporary solution.Fixing bolts are provided.With three channels (each 55mm x 65mm) a variety of cables can be accommodated.RCP3 1000 x 600mm sections £168.32Heavy Duty Rubber Cable ProtectorsThis heavy duty profile acts as both a cable protector and traffic calming measure.With no drilling, bolting or bonding required, it can be easily fitted and removed, and re-laid time and time again.Fire retardant to BS 476 (Part 7: Class 3).Tested for non-conductivity toBS 903_C5.UV stabilised for extended outdoor use.RCP4 275 x 1500mm sections £394.69 Lightweight Rubber Cable ProtectorsExternal cable protectors ideal for the protection of permanent or temporary cables on site.• 3 division cable protector• Suitable for foot or road traffic• Time saver ‘snap in’ of the top cableRCP1 10 metre roll £183.26 RCP2 1 metre section £24.64• 20mm diameter top hole• Supplied in 10m rolls or 1m lengths • Unique ‘anti crush’ simple to use30productØ 161501,000 / 10,000Ø 20 106

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