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Information CentresSpecialist Dry-wipe BoardsINFO4 1220 x 915 £250.83(Up to 3 background colours of your choice) Includes 10 A4 wallets(3 colours of your choice)INFO5 2440 x 1220 £510.08Includes 10 A4 and 6 A3 wallets(3 colours of your choice).Each board comes complete with the title header of your choice.STAND1 £304.33Will accept 1220 x 915 boardSTAND2 £356.96Will accept 2440 x 1220 board (as shown)Take your message direct to the factory  oor.Whether wall mounted or free standing these colourful information boards offer a variety of display options. Available in any colour or with specialist graphics, these highly adaptable boards can be used in conjunction with A4 and A3 clear magnetic wallets to display your organisations information.INFO1 1220 X 915 £223.70Includes 10 A4 wallets (single colour of your choice) INFO2 2440 x 1220 £465.16Includes 10 A4 and 6 A3 wallets (single colour of your choice)Rigid perspex pockets enables instant updating of new information. Supplied complete with magnetic edges ensuring documents are not lost, blown off, or removed.PACK1 £123.62Contains 10 A4 wallets (Colour of your choice) PACK2 £175.37 Contains 10 A4 wallets and 6 A3 wallets (Colour of your choice)Produced to your exact speci cation by utilising the latest digital print technology, we can manufacture bespoke diagrams, factory layouts or whatever you require onto dry-wipe boards. We can also mount them on  oor to ceiling stainless steel cables to produce a suspended wall of boards within training or conference centre. For any specialist requirement contact our sales of ce.SDW1 Non-magnetic £201.33 SDW2 Magnetic £230.33900 x 1220 (complete with graphics)156SDW3 Non-magnetic £138.37 SDW4 Magnetic £153.20600 x 900 (complete with graphics)SDW5 Non-magnetic £211.40 SDW6 Magnetic £238.001800 x 1200 (complete with graphics)

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