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EN3 82 x 202FIRE HOSE REELEN8 82 x 202FOAM SPRAYEN4 82 x 202WATEREN5 82 x 202CO2EN6 82 x 202Use for smothering flamesEN7 82 x 202size(mm)82 x 202 125 X 90 (ENPG) 150 X 400 300 x 900 350 x 200 600 x 370Use the signs shown on these pages to help comply to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2006, where it states that a person must take steps to reduce the risk of  re and make sure anyone using the building can exit safely in the event of a  re. Our Fire signs comply to ISO 7010.PH30PH37PH43300 X 100 PH31300 X 100 PH38PH44300 X 100300 X 100PH45150 X 150PH32 300 X 100150 X 150 150 X 150PH41150 X 150PH45A150 X 150PH42150 X 150PH48A150 X 150PH36200 X 300FIRE HOSE REELEN8PH82 x 202PH33200 X 300EN3PH82 x 202PH34200 X 300PH35200 X 300CO2EN6PH82 x 202£3.96£5.05 £17.10 £12.08WET CHEMICALUSE ON: Wood, paper and textiles USE ON: Cooking oils and deep fat firesDO NOT USE ON: Flammable liquidsDO NOT USE ON: Flammable gasesDO NOT USE ON: Live electrical equipmentFOAM SPRAYEN4PH82 x 202WATEREN5PH82 x 202Use for smothering flamesEN7PH82 x 202B.C.F.USE ON: Alkali metal firesUSE ON: Flammable liquidsUSE ON: Live electrical equipmentEN13 300 x 900 EN18 150 x 400600 x 370EN1 350 X 200 EN2ENPG 125 x 90 (Pocket guides supplied in pack of 10s)self adhesive vinyl£2.15 - £6.62 £18.25 £7.54 £15.521mm rigid plastic£3.56 £13.35 £9.27 £27.90 £11.27 £25.11All photoluminescent signs are rigid PVC complete with a self adhesive backing for easy  xing.size(mm)82 X 202 150 X 150 200 X 300 300 X 100POWDER M28USE ON: Alkali metal firesDO NOT USE ON: Wood, paper and textilesDO NOT USE ON: Gaseous firesEN9PH82 x 202Photoluminescent self adhesive rigid plasticFire Extinguisher SignsPhotoluminescent Fire Signs - Glow in the darkDO NOT USE ON: Gaseous firesEN10PH82 x 202EN11PH82 x 202 19

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