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Guide To Your BrochureChoose The Right SizeProhibitionMust not doMandatoryAction, Must doHazardDanger, Warning, CautionSafe ConditionEscape Route, Safety EquipmentFire FightingAt 4.5 metres a sign should be100 x 100mmAt 7.7 metres a sign should be200 x 300mmAt 23 metres a sign should be600 x 450mmAt 15 metres a sign should be400 x 300mmCigarette Bincodesize (mm)240 x 380without channel£17.25with channelFor ease of ordering follow these three simple steps:• Step 1 - Select the sign you require and choose from the sizes shown.• Step 2 - Note the alpha-numeric reference number.• Step 3 - Select the type of material you require.MA201 200 x 300MA202 400 x 600This cigarette bin is manufactured from Aluminium and powder coated for a long lasting outdoor life.Comes complete with keys and  xings (for wall xing)Available for  tting direct to wall or with two rows of post  x channel for post mounting.Clips are required for post mounting, please see page 146 for options.2SS26B £19.50

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