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What is the Right Material?Self Adhesive VinylA  exible PVC, with a high tack adhesive backing. Suitable for interior use. For a good bond ensure the sign is  xed to a smooth, clean & non-porous surface.Rigid PVC plasticSuitable for interior & exterior use and with a class 1  re rating. Standard signs are 1mm thick.Rigid PVC Plastic/Self Adhesive BackedAll standard safety signs can be produced in 1mm rigid plastic with a self adhesive backingfor easy  xing. Please allow 48 Hours for delivery when requesting this material.Foam PVCSuitable for interior & exterior use and available in various thicknesses. Typically used for double-sided hanging, project- ing and skiphook signs. Light- weight & durable, available in various colours.DibondDibond composite panels comprise of two thin sheets of aluminium enclosing a polyethylene core. Dibond is lightweight, strong and suitable for internal and external locations. It can also be cut and formed as required.Gemglow© PhotoluminescentCharged by ambient light these signs immediately illuminate in sudden darkness. Anexcellent material for Way- nding & Fire equipment signs. Reverse printed for a high quality, durable  nish. Complete with a self adhesive backing.Tuff ©These sub-surface printed signsare virtually indestructable. They do not fade, are anti-corrosive and are highly resistant to deliberate vandalism. These signs can be used again and again.BrailleAs well as the standard range of DDA signs shown we also offer a bespoke sign service allowing us to make signs to your requirements.AcrylicReverse applied / printed acrylic signs when used with our chrome locators gives a prestige  nish to any surrounding.PrestigeFor interior & exterior use, excellent longevity in normal environmental conditions. Can be used for a prestige look when  nished in a Satin Anodised Silver or Brushed Gold effect. Complete with a self adhesive backing.Aluminium Traf cClass ref 1 and ref 2, re ective 3mm aluminium signs are ideal for site management signs. Can be supplied with channel & clips for post  xing. Comply to BSEN 12899-1 2001.CorrexThese  uted lightweight PVC signs are ideal value for temporary, budget site signage.3

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