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30HygieneMICROWAVE OVENWASTE DISPOSAL MACHINE Switch off/disconnect power supply atSLICING MACHINE Switch off/disconnect power supply at mains before cleaning. The guard. 1 2. 3.Do not look closely into oven when it is switched on.People with heart pacemakers must not use this oven.Metal containers such as tinfoil must not be placed in this oven.mains before cleaning. Ensure that cutlery, bones, string, etc are not mixed with food waste. Switch off power supply if machine jams or stops. Follow manufacturer’s inspection instructions.HY3 300 x 100Now washHY12 300 x 100 HY14 600 x 200HY22 300 x 100 Unfit forhuman consumptionHY31 200 x 100Wash utensils onlyHY7 200 x 300porosvitiidoendbmefuosrteboepienrathtiengcothrrecmtachine. Always return the slicing thickness indicator to zero position whenwork is finished to avoid injury to hand.HY1 300 x 100HY10 300 x 100POTATO CHIPPING MACHINE Switch off/disconnect power supply at mains before changing or attempting to dislodge blockages.HY20 300 x 100Not drinking waterHY24 300 x 100Please remove jewellery before commencing workHY2HY11HY21HY26300 x 100MINCING/MIXING MACHINESwitch off/disconnect power supply at mains before cleaning. Use only the plunger provided to push food into the mincing machine - spoons, food knives, or steels should be avoided. Keep hands clear when machine isin operation.your handsHY9 300 x 100HY19 300 x 100HY23 300 x 100 All foodmust be coveredHY37 200 x 100200 x 300 HY13HY4HY15HY32200 x 300200 x 300150 x 100HY5HY17200 x 300200 x 300200 x 300HY8200 x 300size(mm)150 x 100 200 x 100 200 x 300 300 x 100 600 x 200self adhesive vinyl£2.11 £2.91 £6.62 £2.09 £9.95Personal hygiene rules apply beyond this pointHY18 200 x 3001mm rigid plastic£3.65£4.81 £11.90 £3.75 £17.21Wash hands only300 x 100300 x 100Food preparation area200 x 100HY6

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