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Tye TagsTye tags printed on  exible plastic and supplied complete with  xing ties. Use them to increase a quality culture in your workplace. Supplied in packs of 10.WA20880 x 150Do not useDate: Comments: Signed:PR14780 x 150Gas cylindersFULLGC10 200 x 150Danger live wiresWA21080 x 150Do not operateDate: Comments: Signed:PR14880 x 150WA21180 x 150Do not use maintenance in progressDate: Comments: Signed:PR14980 x 150Gas cylindersEMPTYGC11 200 x 150Do not closeDate: Comments: Signed:PR14180 x 150Do notclosevalveDate: Comments: Signed:PR60180 x 150Turn to shut off valveGC12150 x 200Do not openPR14280 x 150Do notopenvalveDate: Comments: Signed:PR60280 x 150Do not switch onDate: Comments: Signed:PR14380 x 150Thiscylinder notLOCKED OFF DO NOT OPERATEDate: Comments: Signed:PR14580 x 150ThisDo not touchPR14680 x 150Gas shut offGC2280 x 150Turn to shut off valveGC21150 x 200QUALITY COUNTSReturn to stockDate: Comments: Signed:QU2880 x 150QUALITY COUNTSFailed inspectionDate: Comments: Signed:QU1880 x 150QUALITY COUNTSScrapDate: Comments: Signed:QU1980 x 150QUALITY COUNTSNon- conforming productDate: Comments: Signed:QU2080 x 150QUALITY COUNTSRejectedDate: Comments: Signed:QU2180 x 150QUALITY COUNTSBonded storesDate: Comments: Signed:QU2280 x 150QUALITY COUNTSFollow ISO 9000 Quality Assurance proceduresDate: Comments: Signed:QU2380 x 150Gas shut offGC17150 x 200QUALITY COUNTSAwaiting inspectionDate: Comments: Signed:QU2480 x 150PR60580 x 150QUALITY COUNTSFailed inspection re-workDate: Comments: Signed:QU2580 x 150PR60780 x 150Gas shut off valveGC19150 x 200QUALITY COUNTSPassed inspectionDate: Comments: Signed:QU2680 x 150QUALITY COUNTSTestedDate: Comments: Signed:QU2780 x 150These self adhesive labels instruct and inform helping to stop potential distribution of electrical equipment. Supplied in packs of 10SL1 50 x 18SL2 50 x 18SL3 50 x 18SL4 50 x 18 COMPUTERIP_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _SL5 50 x 18 size(mm)SL6 50 x 18self adhesivevinylSL7 50 x 18SL8 50 x 18SL9 50 x 18SL10 50 x 1850 x 18£11.99size(mm)150 x 200 80 x 150self adhesive vinyl£3.11 -1mm rigid plastic£3.39 £15.37Socket LabelsEon ULLDate:PTYDate:FmmentsCommeCo Signed:nts: Signed:switch iscylinder notM:onswitch isPIPE ID TAPE ON PAGE 13737

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