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Multi-PurposeA con ned space is a place which is substantially enclosed (though not always entirely) and where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances or conditions within the space (e.g. lack of oxygen). Use this range of signs to warn of any potential dangers.Should you require con ned space signs of your own wording, please contact our sales of ce for advice. All the signs shown conform to ISO 7010CautionConfined spacePermit required for entryCautionConfined spaceDo not enter without a permitCaution Confined spaceCautionConfined spaceAuthorised personnel onlyMU105400 x 300MU106400 x 300MU107 400 x 300MU108 400 x 300CautionConfined spaceDo not enterWarningConfined spaceEntry permit required callWarningConfined spaceNo entryWarning Confined spaceNo unauthorised entryKeep lockedMU109400 x 300MU110400 x 300MU111 400 x 300MU112 400 x 300Danger BiohazardProtective clothing must be wornNoise hazardEar protectors available on requestDangerX-raysDangerCorrosive materialsMU23400 x 300MU24400 x 300MU27 300 x 200MU28 300 x 200Use hand protectionDo not enter when red light is onKeep outAuthorised personnel onlyMU29400 x 300CO3400 x 300£11.90 £13.9646size(mm)300 x 200 400 x 300self adhesive vinyl£6.62£8.291mm rigid plastic

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