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48400 x 300£8.29£13.96Multi-PurposeCO4 400 x 300CO5Danger Hazardous processWear personal protective equipment400 x 300CO6 400 x 300CO7400 x 300CO8 400 x 300No entry withoutthe use of ear protectionMA100 400 x 300DangerAsbestos removal in progressCO9400 x 300CO10400 x 300MA99400 x 300Danger Asbestos dustWear approved respiratorWear protective clothing400 x 300MU400 400 x 300MA101400 x 300MA102400 x 300MA319Unauthorised persons prohibited beyond this pointNo access for unauthorised personsRespiratory equipment must be wornSafety overalls must be wornMU402 400 x 300self adhesive vinylsize(mm)Caution Forklift trucksSound hornCaution PedestriansMA404 400 x 3001mm rigid plastic

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