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52Contravision SignsThese unique self adhesive signs allow light to pass through the substrate giving vision through the image, yet are unnoticable from the other side.Face printed to allow the image of the sign on one side. Ideal for windows and doors. Also available for your bespoke requirements. Contact our sales of ce for more information.CONTACT OUR SALES OFFICE FOR YOUR SPECIALIST REQUIREMENTSNo smoking It is against the law to smoke in these premisesCV02 200 x 300SMOKE-FREE BARS, CLUBS, HOTELS & RESTAURANTS Guidelines for Bar and Waiting StaffThe LawFrom 6am on 26 March 2006 smoking is not permitted in enclosed* public places, including bars, hotels, all types of clubs, cafes and restaurantsProprietors cannot permit customers or members to smoke in these premises.If they do, they will be liable to a Fixed Penalty Fine of £200.WhySecond-hand smoke kills and causes lung cancer, heart disease and respiratory illnesses in adults and a variety of conditions in children.There is no safe level of exposure to second-hand smoke, so ventilation is not a solution. If someone breaks the law1. Draw their attention to the ‘No Smoking’ signs2. Advise them that smoking is prohibited by law and politely ask them to stop smoking.3. Advise them of any place where smoking is permitted, such as beer gardens or shelters.4. Refuse service to anyone who continues to smoke and ask them to leave.5. If a customer refuses to leave, follow usual procedures for dealing with anti-social behaviour. 6. If threatened, seek the assistance of the police. Do not put yourself in danger.SMOKING IN THESE PREMISES IS AGAINST THE LAW.*Premises which have a roof and walls on more than 50% of its perimeterCV08 200 x 300CV12100 x 100CV05 200 x 300CV09 200 x 300CV14100 x 100CV24Price£4.61£8.46 £18.24 £6.21CV06 200 x 300CV10 200 x 300CV07 200 x 300CV33 200 x 300Please close this doorCV16100 x 100300 x 100CV36 200 x 300Please switch off lights on leavingCV18100 x 100CV27 300 x 100Caution Glass DoorCV37 200 x 300CV21100 x 100300 x 100200 x 75CV23CV34CV26Automatic Door200 x 75CV38200 x 75300 x 100Automatic Door200 x 75Code100 x 100 200 x 75 200 x 300 300 x 100300 x 100CV35CV15100 x 100CV20100 x 100CV29CV39CV30CV31300 x 200100 x 100Closethese doors at night

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