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WR14A 450 x 600GIVE WAYTR22 600 tri. POLITE NOTICENO PARKING IN THIS AREATR127 600 x 450 TR127C 600 x 450WR15A 450 x 600WR16A 450 x 600WR20A 450 x 600£26.76No parking in front of these gatesTR116 600 x 450 TR116C 600 x 450£59.96 £88.03 £78.24 £93.03 £125.15 £83.04size(mm)size(mm)self adhesive vinyl£15.383mm aluminium£52.46£80.15£72.31£85.36Recycling Signs1mm rigid plasticTR16A 450 dia. TR16 600 diaThis entrance must be kept clearTR122 600 x 450 TR122C 600 x 45015TR11 450 dia. TR12 600 diaThis exit must be kept clearTR123 600 x 450 TR123C 600 x 450STOPTR15 750 oct. TR15A 600 oct.TR45 600 dia.450 x 600TR17 600 tri.450 dia 600 dia 600 tri 600 oct 750 oct 600 x 450CAUTION SPEED RAMPSTR35 600 x 450 TR35C 600 x 450WA75H 1000 x 150supplied in durable 5mm foamex as standardRecommended depth of 400mm to be sunk into ground for POST1 or 600mm for POST 2 & 3.CAP1 £1.50Endcaps add a finishing touch to posts supplied separately.POST1 £61.6876mm Traffic Post x 1.5 metre Grey, plastic coat- ed steel for ultimate durability and good looksPOST2 £105.3676mm Traffic Post x 3 metrePOST 3 £131.7376mm Traffic Post x 3.6 metrePOST2.5 £87.8076mm Traffic Post x 2.5 metrePOST5 £68.0276mm Stainless Effect Post x 1.5 metre Adds a premier look to your external postsPOST6 £113.3676mm Stainless Effect Post x 3.0 metrePOST7 £139.7076mm Stainless Effect Post x 3.5 metreBASE P1 £7.78Base plates for use in conjunction with traffic posts supplied separately.Back to back clipsCLIPS2 £15.62Used in conjunction with 76mm posts when connecting two signs back to back.CA1 £9.21Channel Adaptors supplied in pairs Allow sign to be fixed to any post / railing regardless of diameter, used in conjunction with steel banding.Standard Post Clips 76mmCLIPS3 £15.733" clips supplied in pairs. Suitable for scaffold poles or existing railings and barriers.STRAP1 (pair) £11.72STRAP2 (pack of 10) £30.64Steel buckle straps will strap onto posts up to 150mm diameter. Easy tighten operation ideal when a full roll of banding is not required.RAMPTR119 600 x 450 TR119C 600 x 4503mm aluminium with channel£117.09£75.47Road Traf c SignsPost, Clips & Fixings55SKIP HOOK SIGNS ON PAGE 77

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