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Floor SignsBring your message right onto the factory  oor (literally). These  oor signs give maximum impact to your safety policy. Placed directly onto the  oor the aggressive adhesive and polycarbonate protective  lm will give ultimate durability. They should also remain visible under smokeout conditions occupying the gap between the  oor and the smoke curtain. Use in conjunction with the surface preparation kit shown on page 90.FLO5 300 x 500FLO11 300 x 500FLO15 300 x 500FLO6 300 x 500FLO12 300 x 500FLO16 300 x 500FLO1 300 x 500FLO3 300 x 500FLO7 300 x 500FLO13 300 x 500FLO17 300 x 500FLO2 300 x 500FLO4 300 x 500FLO10 300 x 500FLO14 300 x 500FLO18 300 x 500size(mm)self adhesive vinyl floor graphic300 x 500 FLO12 FLO16£31.61 £53.97 £64.8259

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