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ConstructionUsing the latest production methods we are able to manufacture to your own bespoke requirements whether you require standard safety signs with your own company name and logo or site speci c signage, building wraps or hoardings. Our trained sales staff are available to assist you in ensuring you choose the right sign manufactured in the most suitable material for your project.When deciding on signage for your site it is imperative to consider many things, type of material, length of project & budget etc. We also offer several material types to cater for all site situations.Correx - A lightweight  uted P.V.C. ideal for short term projects.Self Adhesive Vinyl - A cost effective solution, these signs can be mounted on to most clean, smooth surfaces.Rigid Plastic - 1mm thick standard sign suitable for most locations.Foamex - 3, 5 & 10mm thick compressed foam board can be a cost effective method for all types of signage around your site.Tuff - A premium substrate sub surface printed giving excellent anti vandal resistance, can be used time and time again.Overlaminate - All of our signs can be covered with a matt, gloss or anti gra tti laminate for extra protection.67

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