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Manufactured in 6mm clear, cast acrylic, this range of clearview signage is both modern and stylish. All of the graphics are reverse applied to give a smooth, clean  nish and each comes complete with contemporary chrome  xings which can be either wall mounted or projected from the wall. Please specify which type of  ttings you require when ordering. We can also produce a wide range of specialist signage in this style. Contact our sales of ce for further details.ClearviewCL14 400 x 150CL15 400 x 150CL16 400 x 150 CL18 400 x 150400 x 150 £66.38size(mm)clearviewBraille Fire ExitsTAC 21TAC 25TAC 27TAC 22TAC 26TAC 28400 x 150 TAC 23 400 x 150300 x 150300 x 150TAC 24400 x 150CL19400 x 150300 x 150300 x 150400 x 150CL20 400 x 150Ensure you comply to Part III of the Disability Discrimination Act, regulations 1995 which came into effect, 1st October 2004.size(mm)Braille (self adhesive backing)As well as the standard range of DDA signs shown we also offer a bespoke braille sign service allowing us to make signs to your requirements.Please contact our sales of ce for further details.300 X 150 400 X 150£40.10 £61.557MORE BRAILLE SIGNS ON PAGE 50

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