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No swimmingWarningDeep waterTUF10TUF19300 x 400600 x 450TUF11300 x 400TUF20TUF12300 x 400TUF14600 x 450TUF23400 x 600TUF24600 x 450TUF25600 x 450600 x 450TUF21TUF22size(mm)300 x 400 400 x 600 600 x 450600 x 450Duralite GRP£31.76 £53.75 £60.08TUF03TUF04300 x 400No tipping or dumpingTUF05 400 x 600600 x 450600 x 450Tuff SignsProduced in rugged, hard wearing GRP, Tuff signs can be used and re-used time and time again. Sub-surface printed for extra durability and with minimal UV fade, they are amongst the most highly vandal resistant signs currently available.This range incorporates all of our best selling site safety signs, all of which have been updated to conform fully to ISO 7010. If you require a design other than the range illustrated, please contact our sales of ce.TUF01 400 x 600400 x 600TUF02 600 x 450400 x 600CX20TUF1875

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