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Path agPATHFLAGThis unique interchangeable carrier system has been designed to overcome a major problem in directional escape routes and general signing on industrial  oor gratings and walkways.The ProblemMetal and GRP  oor gratings are the most commonly used materials in industrial  ooring, yet no signage has been developed to work in conjunction with it. On many industrial, chemical, power generation and process sites there is often limited space to highight escape routes and to locate or sign essential safety information.The SolutionWith a class 1  re rating and manufactured from tough, shock resistant, hard wearing ABS plastic the unique patented PATHFLAG signage carrier system is the most cost effective solution to this problem.PATHFLAG is unrivalled in its design and construction. It has been speci cally created to  t onto grated  ooring secured with a toggle  xing. These signs placed at regular intervals on walkways offer reassurance and orientation points during shutdowns or outages. Within new building projects they can lead personnel to safety when your complete escape safety system may not be in place.FlexibilityThe PATHFLAG holder is designed to hold a rigid sign insert. These are supplied in Class C Photoluminescent material for maximum conspicuity. The internal design of the sign unit allows the holder to be cable tied to fencing or hand rails. It is preformed with 5mm Ø holes, which means the unit can be screwed into timber and it also comes with a magnetic  xing to the rear. The outer can be moulded in a variety of colours (minimum quantity 1000). We can also produce specialist inserts to your design outside of our standard range.82

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