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Design Your SignCSW1 HazardCSW8 Slippery surfaceCSW15 Shallow waterCSW22 Biological materialCSW2 ElectricCSW9 Ionising radiationCSW16 Scaffolding incompleteCSW23 Falling objectsCSW3 Flammable materialCSW10 Trip hazardCSW17 Beware of dogCSW24 Explosive materialCSW4 CCTV camerasCSW11 Deep waterCSW18 Compressed gasCSW25 Laser beamCSW5 Toxic materialCSW12 Fragile roofCSW19 Diving areaCSW26 Sudden dropCSW32 Heavy goods vehiclesCSP5 Switch off mobile phonesCSP12 No admittance with pacemakersCSW6 Danger of death by electricityCSW13 Non-ionisng radiationCSW20 Barbed wireCSW27 High noise levelsCSW7 CorrosiveCSW14 Industrial vehiclesCSW21 Risk of fallingCSW28 Low temperaturesCSW29 Overhead loadsCSW30 Fixed obstructionCSW31 Oxidising materialCSP1 ProhibitionCSP8 No unauthorised accessCSP15 Do not use ladderCSP2 No smokingCSP9 No eating, drinking or smokingCSP3 No naked flamesCSP10 No cyclingCSP4 No pedestriansCSP11 No industrial vehiclesCSP6 No children allowedCSP13 Do not use scaffoldCSP7 Do not runCSP14 No cameras86CSP16 Do not use liftCSP17 Not drinking waterCSP18 No swimmingCSP19 No radiosCSP20 No dogs

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