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Design Your SignCSM1 You must doCSM8 Wear face sheildCSM2 Wear eye protectionCSM9 Wear high visibility clothingCSM15 Fasten seat beltsCSS2 Break to obtain accessCSS9 Escape route leftCSF2 Location of fire extinguisherCSG2 Directional arrow straightCSM3 CSM4 Wear foot Wear hearing protection protectionCSM10 CSM11 Wash your Wearhands laboratory coatCSM16 CSM17 Wear safety Wear face harness maskCSS3 CSS4 Assembly/ Emergency evacuation showerpointCSS10 CSS11 Escape route Way out right diagonalCSF3 CSF4 Location of Location of fireCSM5 Wear hand protectionCSM12 Wear respiratorCSM18 Keep lockedCSS5 Emergency eyewashCSS12 Way out straightCSF5 Fire pointCSM6 Wear head protectionCSM13 Sound hornCSM19 Place rubbish in binsCSS6 First aid call pointCSS13 Emergency stopCSF6 Emergency stopCSM7 Pedestrians must use this routeCSM14 Wear protective clothingCSS1 First aidCSS8 Disabled refuge pointCSF1 Location of fire hose reelCSG1 Disabled toiletfire alarm call pointphoneCSS7 Emergency call pointCSS14 Drinking waterCSF7To direct to the location fire equipmentCSG7 5 mph speed limitCSG810 mph speed limitCSG915 mph speed limitCSG3 Directional arrow diagonalCSG4 Male toiletCSG5 Female toiletCSG6 Disabled parking87

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