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Custom MadeCL - Clearview Prestige BlanksSat / Gold / In Prestige BlanksPHB - Photoluminescent BlanksBTS - Road Traf c Blankssize(mm)3mm aluminium without channel£71.54£75.96£68.553mm aluminium with channelBlank ArmbandsHi-visibility armbandsWe are able to manufacture signs on most types of material, whatever the quantity. Shown below is a selection of the most commonly requested materials, for our specially produced signs. Prices below with your own text. Please contact our sales of ce for further information.Manufactured from 6mm clear cast acrylic, graphics are created in frosted vinyl and are reverse applied. Signs are available as a pre-drilled wall mounted sign as shown or as non-drilled projecting sign, as shown in the photo. Each sign comes complete with two chrome  xings. Please specify if you require a wall mounted or projecting sign.CL11 100 x 150 CL12 300 x 100 £54.32 £57.85Manufactured from 1.5mm aluminium, silver or gold satin anodised.SAT32A 200 x 300 GOLD32A 200 x 300 £40.03IN23 200 x 300 £34.33SAT33A 300 x 100 GOLD33A 300 x100 £29.46IN21 300 x100 £29.46SAT35 75 dia GOLD35 75 dia £21.63IN22 150 x 200 £26.85IN20 65 dia £15.46Our range of Class C photoluminescent blanks are ideal for small quantities of specially worded signs. They will be instantly visible in a blackout. These blanks come complete with a self adhesive backing for easy  tting.PHB1 300 x 100 PHB2 600 x 200 PHB3 300 x 200 £25.94 £40.58 £34.34PHB4 600 x 400 £50.99Use these blank traf c signs to enforce your own personal site management policies. Available in 3mm aluminium with or without channel. Manufactured with a Class 2 Re ective face. Add the text of your choice.600 x 450 600 dia 600 triARM6 A, B, C (min order 20)ARM6 A, B, C (blanks)£78.71 £83.42 £74.16BTS1 600 diaARM6AB(Blank)ARM6A(min 20) Add your own textBTS2 600 x 450BTS4 600 x 450 ARM6BB(Blank)ARM6B(min 20) Add your own textBTS3 600 highARM6CB(Blank)ARM6C(min 20) Add your own textBTS5 600 x 45088£13.82 £9.34

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