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Cleaning StandsAny of the cleaning stands shown are ideal for the marking of potential hazards. SW10 to SW18 stands are 233 x 615mm and fold flat for easy storage. Alternatively create your own swing sign using SW9 or SW11 where specific hazards or circumstances may arise.ST1 (frame only) - 900mm highLightweight cleaning stand Wire rod frame folds flat for easy storage. Legs are rubber tipped to protect floors and stop sliding. Can be supplied as stand only or choose from the signs above to create a complete unit.Reverse of SW1ST4 (frame only) - 500mm highLightweight cleaning stand Use this frame in conjunction with SW1 to SW9. All printed on both sides with the same message with the exception of SW1 (see design).ST1 (frame only) ST4 (frame only)£24.88 £20.60codeCleaning stands and frames••CautionCLEANING IN PROGRESSSW1 (sign only)300 x 400SW4 (sign only)300 x 400SW2 (sign only)300 x 400SW5 (sign only)300 x 400SW11 SW12SW18SW3 (sign only)300 x 400SW9 (sign only)300 x 400SW10SW13SW14SW22 interchangeable floor stand complete with magnetic frame attachedSW15SW1 to 5 (3mm foamex)SW9 (text of your choice)SW10 -18 (exc SW11)SW11 (text of your choice)SW22*offer excludes SW11and SW22SW16£16.68 £41.50 £9.99 £30.05 £20.16codecleaning stands and framesSW17SW2093YOUR TEXT HEREYOUR TEXT HERE

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